About Us

Sal Scrivano - Director

Sal Scrivano is a specialist property Development Manager with 14 years’ experience in private to large public companies, working across multiple States, government authorities and project type and sizes. He is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle all tasks with extreme competence and makes every development a success.

Sal is highly regarded by his industry peers and has a range of established contacts within local government, public utility authorities and an extensive range of private organizations in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

Alex Carey - Director

Alex Carey has extensive skills in the areas of Business Development, Project & Financial Management as well as an impressive proven track record of Project Delivery.

Alex has worked in both a consulting engineering environment as well as working for  developers on various major land development projects. Alex has acted as project manager for major subdivision projects, medium to high-density developments and local government projects. He has a range of established contacts within local government, water authorities and private organizations.