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Florian to release new upscale lots

Following the continued success of LandCore’s Florian land development in Ballarat, we are now introducing a new, more upscale release for the Western Precinct.

With the development split into two distinct precincts, the east side of the development was sold first and did so at a much quicker rate than expected.

In April 2018 alone, Florian sold 32 lots, which was three more than the combined sales volume of all other competing land estates in the area.

As a result, we have rebranded the western precinct under the name Grandeur by Florian. Grandeur will offer a more deluxe product than the previous lots sold under the original Florian brand and include additional buyer benefits unique to the estate.

By elevating the prestige of the western precinct, we hope to deliver even better returns for our investors and an even better product for buyers.

Grandeur will begin selling with the release of Florian stage 6 later this year.